6 reasons to buy your incontinence products online

6 reasons to buy your incontinence products online
7 May 2024

6 reasons to buy your incontinence products online

The internet has transformed how we buy our everyday essentials, and this is no different for incontinence products. From cost to convenience, let’s take a look at the 6 reasons why you should buy your incontinence products online. 

  • The variety of incontinence products
  • It’s much cheaper 
  • It’s super convenient
  • Max discretion 
  • Helps make informed decisions 
  • Subscribe and Saving 

The variety of incontinence products available online 

If you’re looking for any kind of incontinence product online - from incontinence pads to pull-up pants - you won’t find a wider selection than at an online site like Incontinence Shop. 

You might be lucky to find a full shelf of incontinence products at a supermarket, but even that doesn’t begin to cater to the needs of every individual with tailored requirements. 

Compare this to an online shop, and you’ll find incontinence products for all genders, shapes, sizes, ages, and levels of incontinence. 

Then there’s the wide range of trusted incontinence brands that you can only find online, such as Drylife, that offer unmatched comfort and protection, no matter your level of incontinence or lifestyle.  

It’s much cheaper

Online storefronts for incontinence products have shown people that managing incontinence doesn’t have to come at a high cost. 

Due to the relatively low overhead costs of maintaining a website compared to a supermarket, the cost savings are passed directly to the customer. This means greater savings over the short and long term. 

On top of this, you can easily compare prices of various brands online compared to shopping around different physical storefronts. This puts you directly in the driver’s seat when finding the perfect incontinence pad or pull-up pants for you. 

The deals and discounts

In order to attract new customers (and retain existing ones), online incontinence shops offer a variety of great deals and promotions throughout the year, including:

  • Exclusive online-only deals - Not just your average BOGOF
  • Bulk purchase savings - Smart for those who buy incontinence products regularly
  • Newsletter/email discounts - Reward loyal customers with exclusive deals 
  • Free shipping promotions - Great for multiple purchases at once 
  • Subscription deals - Combines cost-effectiveness with convenience. 

It’s super convenient 

Online shopping has nailed the convenience of buying the most essential healthcare items like incontinence products. 

The ability to get your much-needed incontinence products within a couple of clicks from your couch is revolutionary for those who may not be able to head to a supermarket, such as elderly and vulnerable folk. 

But even for those with busy schedules—or who simply prefer privacy—online shopping offers a discreet, pressure-free, and convenient way to buy incontinence products. 

24/7 Accessibility

Unlike physical stores, online shops are never closed, providing 24/7 accessibility to their products. This round-the-clock availability is incredibly convenient for those with irregular schedules or unexpected needs for their incontinence products.  

Whether it's early in the morning or late at night, the online marketplace is always open, allowing you to shop on your terms and at a time that suits you best. 

Shopping online allows for max discretion

For many, managing incontinence is a personal journey, making privacy and discretion paramount when purchasing necessary supplies. 

Online platforms provide a confidential environment where you can take your time to read about different products, compare your options, and make informed decisions without feeling rushed or judged. 

This aspect of online shopping is precious for those new to managing incontinence who might feel self-conscious or overwhelmed by the array of products available.

The privacy offered by online shopping allows people to explore and understand their options in a safe and comfortable space, making it easier to find the products that best suit their lifestyle and needs.

Discreet Delivery

Another great feature of buying incontinence products online is the guarantee of discreet delivery. Online retailers are aware of the sensitivity surrounding incontinence products and make sure that items are shipped in plain, unmarked packaging. 

This attention to privacy means that your order arrives at your doorstep without giving away its contents - be they bed pans or incontinence pull pants -  offering peace of mind and keeping things confidential. 

Whether at home or having your items delivered to a different location, the discreet packaging means managing your incontinence remains a private matter. 

It helps you make informed choices

Making informed choices is key to finding incontinence products that meet your needs in terms of comfort, absorbency, and discretion. 

Online shopping offers a wealth of information through product reviews and descriptions, alongside real-world customer experiences, which can guide you in making decisions that align with your requirements. 

These descriptions can include information on absorbency levels, materials used, sizing options, and usage instructions, all of which are important in determining a product's suitability for your needs. 

Customer reviews

Beyond the basic product information, online reviews from previous customers can be invaluable. 

Reviews often cover aspects like comfort, fit, effectiveness, and the discreetness of various products, offering insights that might not be immediately apparent from the product description alone. 

For instance, you might learn how well an incontinence pad stays in place during various activities or how noticeable it is under clothing, which can significantly influence your decision-making process.

Customer feedback also lets you see reviews from those with similar needs and lifestyles, as their experiences are more likely to reflect what you can expect.

Subscribing for ultimate convenience and cost-effectiveness

Subscription services for essential healthcare products are transforming how individuals manage their incontinence needs. These services offer many benefits, from ensuring a steady supply of products to providing cost savings and customisation opportunities. 

A steady supply

One of the main benefits of subscribing to an incontinence shop is knowing you’ll get a continuous supply of your most needed products, and you’re less likely to run out. 

The convenience of having a predictable delivery eliminates the worry of remembering to place orders or the hassle of last-minute shopping trips.

Especially for those who rely on these products daily, knowing that your supply will be replenished regularly offers peace of mind and one less thing to think about.

Cost Savings 

Subscription services often come with financial benefits. Many providers offer discounted rates for subscribers compared to one-time purchases. 

Over time, these savings can add up, making subscriptions cost-effective for managing incontinence. 

Additionally, the pricing is transparent, allowing you to budget more effectively for your incontinence care needs. By locking in a subscription price, you might also protect against potential price increases on incontinence products. 

At Incontinence Shop, you can Subscribe & Save to your most used products. Not only do you enjoy a 10% discount on every recurring order, you’re guaranteed doorstep delivery at the frequency you want. 

Adjusting to changing needs

The flexibility to customise your subscription order is another significant advantage. 

Whether your needs change due to lifestyle adjustments, travel plans, or simply discovering what works best for you, subscription services allow you to adjust the quantity and type of products you order. 

For example, you might find that pull-up pants or incontinence pants work better for you than incontinence pads once did, so you simply adjust your subscription order hassle-free.

Manage your incontinence like never before with Incontinence Shop

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