Best incontinence pads for swimming

Best incontinence pads for swimming
13 November 2023

Best incontinence pads for swimming

When it comes to finding the best incontinence pads for swimming, there are a few things to consider. Whether you're looking for swim briefs, pull-ups, or specialised incontinence swimwear, you want something specialised.  

From absorbance and comfort to the right size and cost, there are several things to consider to get the perfect swimming incontinence pads. This will allow you to confidently enjoy your favourite water-based pastime.

Absorbency is crucial

Absorbency levels are one of the most important aspects of choosing incontinence pads that manage urinary and bowel incontinence during water-based activities.

Incontinence pads are designed to offer comfort and a leak-free experience throughout, allowing you to swim with confidence. They come in different levels of absorbency that cater to varying needs.

The absorbency level determines the amount of urine the pad can hold, so you want an incontinence pad with the correct absorbency level to make sure it always works well for you. 

Absorbency options tend to reflect the severity of incontinence, including: 

  • Light - Light absorbency pads are suitable for those experiencing mild urinary leakage or occasional dribbles.

  • Medium - Medium absorbency pads are designed for more moderate urinary leakage or even light bowel incontinence.

  • Heavy - Heavy absorbency incontinence pads are ideal if you need the utmost protection during a swim. They are designed to handle the demands of heavy urinary or bowel incontinence.

How do I choose a swimming incontinence product that fits?

To ensure a comfortable fit for your incontinence pads, there are a few factors to consider. First, if it's incontinence pants you're using, the waistband should be wide and elastic, securely and snugly fitting around your waist to help prevent any unwanted accidents. 

In addition to the waistband, the materials used in the incontinence pads are important for comfort. They should also have a soft and gentle feel against the skin, so there isn't any discomfort or irritation.

By considering the waistband, elastic materials, and adjustable features, you can find an incontinence solution that meets your specific needs and allows you to enjoy your time in the water without any concerns. 

Leak-Proof Protection

Last but not least, leak protection is the final thing on your list of priorities when shopping for swimming incontinence products. 

Incontinence pants are an increasingly common choice in this respect. Designed to be worn over adult pull-ups or pads, incontinence pants offer an extra layer of security against urinary and faecal incontinence.

Types of Incontinence Pads for Swimming

When it comes to enjoying your time in the water, incontinence doesn't have to hold you back. A wide range of products are available that allows people to swim with confidence. 

From chlorine-resistant, waterproof materials, to a variety of sizes, there is an ideal solution for anyone looking to enjoy the full freedom of swimming . 

Swim Briefs/Pull-ups

Swim briefs provide a leak-free swimming experience thanks to their waterproof materials that contain urinary leaks. They can be worn alongside swim pull-ups for added protection and discretion, preventing leakage from evening reaching the brief. This makes for a worry-free time during a swim. 

One of the key benefits of swim briefs/diapers is their ability to provide a leak-free swimming experience. These pads are made from waterproof materials that effectively contain any leaks, ensuring that the user can fully enjoy their favourite leisure activities without worry.

Briefs and pull-ups are also unisex in design and cater to a vast range of body types and sizes, regardless of gender. This ensures comfort and security on top of superior protection from leakage. 

Incontinence Swimsuit

As well as pull-ups and pads, there are even some specially designed swimsuits that offer a host of benefits that are a game-changer for those dealing with incontinence. 

You can say goodbye to the constant need for disposable swim pads thanks to the reusability of incontinence swimsuits. 

Swimsuits are a reusable, comfortable, and cost-effective solution to swimming with incontinence. They offer budget-friendly and discreet protection against leakage, giving you the freedom to choose a solution that meets your needs.

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